Friday, March 24, 2017

The Enchanted River

Every day is a struggle. Attending school is tiresome. Going to the office and beating deadlines is stressful. Being at home and doing the same routine is boring. Given the same scenario every day, we will end up unproductive and ineffective. One of the ways to regain your will and strength to go on is to find inner peace. Have a cup of coffee, watch a good movie or play in the rain. But the best way to cleanse the soul is to see places.
Lately, Filipinos have entertained the idea of discovering sights and spots which were never advertised before. From the deep waters to the high mountains, truly the Philippines is a sanctuary of resources. Secret islands in vast areas are noticed through the efforts of the travelers who seek to find beauty in mystery.
In the island of Mindanao lies a river so exquisite that it boomed to fame in a short span of time. That is the Hinatuan Enchanted River located in Surigao del Sur.

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The area which used to ordinary now claims thousands of visitors dying to experience the deep blue waters of the river. Mysteries and tales surround the Enchanted River, perhaps its name. The chains of scary stories begin with the mystery of the beginning of the river. Up until today, no one has ever completely explored the river and nobody knows how deep it goes. The pleasing colors of the waters fascinate the soul of the visitors and the wonderful ambiance around the area. It is believed that fairies watch over the river and are responsible for the cleanliness of the waters and the blue and green colors it resonates. It is coupled with paranormal legends on the spirits and pixies living in the water who, when disturbed, harm the people. Locals recalled stories of drowning and explorers whose body were never seen again. There are also folklores about schools of fish which appear in the river but are never caught by the locals. These are assumed to be the supernatural creatures protecting the river from abusers. At exactly 12 noon, while the Hymn of Hinatuan is played, visitors are asked to get out of the water for the feeding time of the silver-scaled fish coming out of the deepest parts of the cave and seem to be moving on cue. At night, voices and sounds of the spirits, fairies and pixies playing in the river are heard by residents. Mermaids and other mystical water creatures sing songs in the wee hours of the night. Trees around the river are supposed the habitat of unseen beings that come out by nightfall.
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The tales of the Enchanted River add to the mystery and majesty of the place making it one of the most visited spots in Mindanao since the time it was known. The numbers of visitors coming to experience this beauty have increased along with the development of the area for economic purposes and somehow uplift the living conditions of the residents. Rentals of life jackets, cottages, picnic tables and chairs manned by the locals mushroomed around the river. Restaurants and snack bars were opened to cater to the needs of the guests. The Local Government Unit is planning for the major development of the scenic spot as well as the roads leading to the river in the soonest possible time. It is their optimum goal to promote tourism through the Enchanted River and name it one of the sought-after international destination in Mindanao. 

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